Claudia's Wedding, São Paulo, August, 1995

Rony and Claudia
Rony and Claudia

But first Claudia was getting married and I insisted no plans be changed: I would start chemotherapy after her wedding.  So it was that in August of 1995 all of us--me, Kendall, Raquel and Christopher--went to São Paulo for Claudia and Rony's wedding.   The wedding was everything we could have hoped for, but I also began to feel the first social effects of cancer, for my sisters insisted on following the tradition from my home town of Cuiabá to not tell loved ones about terminal illnesses and decided not to tell my parents.  This gave me the added burden and stress of keeping my terror silent in front of my mother and father who were, of course, at the wedding.  The pendant neckless I'm wearing in the photo on this page is placed to hide the ugly scar on my throught from the medistinoscopy  

Neila and Kendall at Claudia's Wedding Reception, Aug, 1995
Neila and Kendall
Neila's Parents
Nilson and Niní Constantino
Families at Wedding

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