Medical History
Soon after Neila underwent radiation therapy for her brain metastasis it became clear something was terribly wrong but with limited understanding of radiation it was impossible to evaluate. As we began to suspect we had been mislead about radiotherapy, and hope fell away, I decided to keep the detailed record you will find here. It is my desire it will give anyone facing similar choices the opportunity to make a more informed decision than we had.

Medical Diary
 A day by day account of all the doctor's visits, lab work, scans, x-rays, MRIs, radiation, hospital visits, ER visits, chemotherapy, having your blood drawn until your arm is black and blue . . .[Last update: 10/28/ 01]

Imaging Reports
Written reports for all diagnostic imaging: CAT scans and MRIs-- when I could get copies. [Last update: 09/26/01]

Lab Reports
Lab work printouts--important when Neila undergoes chemotherapy. [Last update:07/ 17/01]

Neila's Medicines
All current and recent medicines with links to pharmaceutical information. [Last update: 10/28/01]

Neila sucummed to her cancer and its consequences on Novermber 9, 2001,

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