It's in my Head!

Dr. Shama was encouraging, but recommeded I do a throax and cranial scan before the trip. Non-pulsed by now with medical proceedures, I went into to Baylor-Richardson Hospital the week before I was to leave fully expecting to ace the tests .

The next day I got a call at work from Dr. Shama´s nurse saying he wanted to see me as soon as possible. She did not say anything was wrong, she didn´t have to. I called Kendall and told him. He tried to be supportive but was incredulous. The enormity of the problem wouldn´t sink in on either of us until Dr. Shama told us in person. The routine CAT scan had revealed a 3.5 mm tumor in the right fontal lobe of my brain. Its location made it inoperable by traditional surgery. Lung cancer metastasizes to either the liver or the brain--mine had obviously choosen the latter.

The full force of this was overwhelming: I had to repeat it to believe it--I had an Inoperable Brain Tumor! Numbed and reeling, I canceled my trip to Brazil and prepared to take the next step in the life of a cancer patient.