"Humming is Better with a Friend"

Humming in the Woods
   E R i k a
 Singing is also better with a friend.
Emily singing  
and friends come from everywhere!
The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
Sara Franco from São Paulo 
Sara Franco came
from São Paulo
Mathew and Jennifer from Addison
and Mathew and Jennifer
from Addison

Did you come just to see us?

"Last doesn't mean least"
Uncle Christopher from Boston
And Uncle Christopher
from Boston

"A Mostly Sunny day, to some.
can look a lot like partly gray."
Erika as Eeymore
Emily as Pooh
Erika in red hat
Hummmmm . . .
Erika in chair
Hummmmm . . .
Sharing your hum
"If no one wants to share your hum,
you can always share it with yourself."
Erika in chair
Let me taste that washcloth!
 fancier hum
"A hum can grow much fancier when a friend has time to help."
Chris and Emily
C'mon Uncle Chris,
hum with me!
"Not everyone understands
where a hum comes from."
Mami and Daddy
We present . . . ,
Our Mami and Daddy!
"My, what big hands you have! "
Roy and Twins Pooh's Pot o' Honey Claudia and Twins

Erika and Emily Medical City Maternity Ward
Medical City
The 100 Acre Wood
100 Acre Wood
Suffer little children
Huming with a Friend
Hum with a Friend
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Singing with a friend

Sara Franco from São Paulo

Matthew and Jennifer and their mom, from Addison

Did you come just to see us?

Chris with sleeping twin

Erika as Eeymore

Emily as Pooh

Huuummm . . .

Huuummm . . .

Let me a taste of that washcloth

C'mon Uncle Chris, hum with me!

Let us present: Our Mami and Daddy


Our Daddy

and our Mami