The Paths of Cancer
Sometimes, unawares, you step across an unseen line that unleashes the darkness and the universe itself turns against you. I crossed that line on July 3, 1995 when I was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer .  

This site is an atempt to trace what followed .
Neila's Story When the family moved from Brazil to the United States so my huspand could help his aging parents, I never dreamed that the one needing help would be me.
Medical Diary
[Last update: 05/23/ 01]
 A day by day account of all the doctor's visits, lab work, scans, x-rays, MRIs, radiation, hospital visits, ER visits, chemotherapy, having your blood drawn until your arm is black and blue . . .
Imaging Reports
[Last update: 05/03/01]
Written reports for all diagnostic imaging: CAT scans and MRIs-- when I could get copies.
Lab Reports
[Last update:7/ 27/00]
Lab work printouts--important when Neila undergoes chemotherapy.
Neila's Medicines
[Last update: 05/08/01]
All current and recent medicines with links to pharmaceutical information.
Do not weep This poem has meant a lot to me.

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