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"Indulge your passion for science, but, let your science be human, that such may have a direct reference to action and society. Be a philoslopher, but, amist all your philosophy, be still a man." --David Hume
Chris was born in Paducah, KY near the ancestral home of Mayfield.  By the time he started school the family found itself in São Paulo, Brazil where he began attending kindergarten at PACA - Pan American Christian Academy, a dual-curricula (US and Brazil), evangelical missionary school there.  He was at PACA through the ninth grade when the family moved back to the US and settled in Richardson, TX, finishing high school at Richardson High School.

Although we think of Christopher as the brains of the family, it was not always that way.  In high school he had a number of problems, both academic and personal, even being barred from the Academic Decathalon regionals his senior year because he was failing a course.  By college he had settled down and has become the family intellectual pride.  He went on to graduate with high honors in philosophy from the The University of Texas at Austin in May 1999.

During his last year at UT Austin, he received offers from all the top graduate philosophy schools and accepted the Ph.D. program at Harvard.  His personal website is at Christopher P. Furong.
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