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Sam by Thomas
Sam by Thomas

Kendall & Neila in June, 1996

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Kendall and Neila were married in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil on March 2, in 1966. It was a marriage right out of the sixties: she's Brazilian from a traditional local family returning home after finishing her education in Rio de Janeiro, and he was an American in Brazil with the Peace Corps. Neila chose the wedding date, it's Texas Independence Day, thinking it would assure the Texan Kendall remembered their anniversery. It didn't, but the marriage has been a long a successful one anyway--as these pages attest.

As you probably already know, Neila lost her battle with lung cancer in November of 2001. Here is one of Kendallºs attempts to come to terms with that loss: Remembering Neila

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