Imaging Reports Back to Cancer Journey

Date Type of Imaging Summary of Results
September 26, 2001 MRI of the brain There is no new cancer, but regions of the brain are atrophied and there is evidence of several small strokes.
September 26, 2001 CT Scan, chest, abdomen, pelvis The cancer in Neila's lung is growing again, and has spread. 
July 19, 2001 MRI of the brain Many abnormalities, and they did not compare it with the last one 10/19/ 2000. Dr. Kramptiz's nurse later told me over the phone that he had compared them and that there was no significant change.
July 10, 2001 X Ray Check for mestatasis in her right leg due to pain. Results negative.
July 10, 2001 KUB Check for mestatasis in the "Kidney," "Uterus," and "Bladder." Results negative.
May 3, 2001 CT scan, chest Shows gallstones and a possible (non malignant) infection in the lung.
Oct 19, 2000 MRI Brain Some cerebral atrophy and post-radiation proliferation of astrocytes, but no evidence of mestastasis.
Aug. 2, 2000 CT scan, chest Some increase in plueral effusion, but otherwise no change
Aug. 2, 2000 X-ray, chest No change since last x-ray.
May 31, 2000 CT scan, abdomen No changes since last scan.
May 31, 2000 CT scan, chest No significant changes since last scan.
May 31, 2000 CT scan, pelvis No suspicious results.
Feb. 23, 2000 CT Scan, abdomen Detected a spot in the liver that was not present in the last scan. It could be either metastasis or a cyst
Feb. 23, 2000 CT Scan, chest The nodule in the lower right lung has almost tripled in size since December.  There are also new nodules and a worsening of the pleural effusion.
Sep. 29, 1999 CT Scan, chest There was a small increase in the size of the nodule in the right lung--to 2 cm.  No change in the pleural effusion.  Possible calcified thrombus in superior vena cava.